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Excelorithm ISO-27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is the international standard that outlines the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). This standard provides a framework for managing sensitive company and client information in a secure manner.

For hiring agencies that operate overseas, ISO 27001 certification is becoming increasingly important. This is because clients and job candidates are becoming more aware of the need to protect personal and sensitive information. Certification demonstrates to clients and candidates that the agency takes information security seriously and has implemented controls to protect their data.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification for hiring agencies include:

1. Increased trust and confidence from clients and candidates
2. Improved ability to secure sensitive and personal information
3. Demonstrated commitment to information security and compliance with industry standards
4. Improved overall security posture and reduced risk of data breaches

At Excelorithm, we understand the importance of information security and the trust our clients place in us to protect their sensitive data. That’s why we have implemented an ISMS and achieved ISO 27001 certification. By choosing Excelorithm as your hiring agency, you can be assured that we take information security seriously and have the necessary controls in place to protect your data. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to information security and how we can help you find the right talent for your business.

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